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New Year, New Look, New Resolutions!

New Year, New Look, New Resolutions!

‘Tis the season! At Bozeman Property Management we’re leaning into it with a new website and some fun new goals!

Here’s the three biggest!  And we’d love to expand on our other fun changes if you ever have time to chat.

  1. We want to use our new website ( as a launching pad to take our whole business paperless!  We’ve done away with EFT convenience fees and are going to work closely with owners and tenants to make this transition as seamless as possible.  We believe this will create many great benefits for owners and tenants, including:
    • One-stop portals for review of owners’ statements and reports, tenants’ payments and rent logs, and newly listed properties.
    • Instantaneous deposits and rent payments without mailing, recording, and depositing delays.
    • The reductions in administrative burdens will allow more time for Bozeman Property Management to provide proactive communication and more efficient maintenance activities.
  2. We are committed to providing proactive communication in 2023 and beyond.  Using things like blog posts, creating property management plans with owners - and performing periodic reviews of them, reaching out to tenants often, and just being in the community more will help us foster meaningful relationships with all of our properties’ stakeholders.
  3. And lastly, and maybe most importantly, we are implementing new maintenance initiatives designed to make tenants’ living experiences more enjoyable and comfortable, and reduce short-term and long-term expenses for owners. 
    • Each property will have a designated maintenance plan that will include redesigned springtime and winter preventative maintenance checklists, and biannual inspections.
    • Tenants’ maintenance requests will be responded to quickly and effectively.
    • Owners will be promptly notified of all maintenance issues.
    • AND... we’re very excited that in 2023 we will be incorporating our own maintenance division into the company!  Bozeman Property Maintenance will allow us to be more responsive and cost-effective with all our maintenance activities.

Happy Holidays to all!  Please don’t hesitate to call if we can ever help in any way!